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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

118: green tea and extremophiles

Conundrum: green tea or wine?  Solution: both.

Still no luck on recovering my photos of the Frankophilia! exhibition, but never mind as other people’s pictures are popping up all over FaceBook.  Perhaps ‘all over’ is an overstatement, but there are a few in the Frankophilia! group.  I’ll get permission from some of the photographers to use their pictures, before posting them on here.  And in the meantime I’d better change the subject away from Frank Sidebottom, before I become a Sidie bore (unless of course that has already happened).

Anyhoo, on to other matters; whatever they may be.  Hmmm, what to write about?  Got personal family stuff going around in my head that I can’t talk about here, and work issues that I don’t want to moan about.  And ruling out those two options that leaves me with an entirely empty head.  Where my brain should be is only a dank cave, hostile to human life, and inhabited only be extremophile bacteria sitting in a pool of sulphuric acid.  The inside of my skull is the only place on earth where sulphuric acid is naturally found pure and as such my head is a valuable commodity in the chemical industry.

And after that half-hearted digression into forced surrealism, I return to the point of having little to say.  Although I have just received news from two of the Frankophilia! photographers that I can use some of their pictures, I’ll leave that until tomorrow.  I don’t have the energy or the concentration to start fiddling with photos and links, and if I pull myself together and do it I’ll forget to go to sleep.

What I could/should/will do is write myself a to-do list of all the writing projects I have begun but not finished.  Scripts, radio plays, novels, short stories, genre fiction, articles and all the rest.  Get all those together; prioritise them based on opportunities already arisen and likelihood of future success.  Then decide what my targets are in terms of publication, contacts, etc, and then get down to some serious work.  It’s true that this blog has helped me massively, but I definitely need to focus.  Just doing the blog every day might not pay for a wedding and a house and a trip to the moon.

Right that’s enough; bedtime.  Pretty boring blog today.  If you want to complain please write a letter to the management.  Thank you.

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