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Saturday, November 20, 2010

120: duh-duh-duh, ta-dah! and la-la-lahs

As this relaxing evening has progressed I’ve had loads of really good blogging ideas, but the sofa has been too comfortable, the kettle has boiled and the television has grown and gotten louder.  As a result all my good ideas have disappeared out of the vent in the back of my head and are now floating on the ceiling with the moths and the cheese mites.  I wanted to write something about the Children in Need Eastenders/Coronation Street crossover (or mash-up if you prefer), but I have forgotten both the crux of my point and the comedic thread I was to weave.  Now the best I can offer is that it was really, really fucking funny.  I should have written this post back when my synapses still communicated as a group.  Now the merely offer noncommittal grunts to one another.

I then began mental formulation for a post about the spectacular Leonard Cohen concert on BBC Four that is just winding up.  It was about six songs into the show before an instrument was repeated in a solo.  Mandolin, Hammond organ, clarinet, electric piano, marimba, saxophone, twelve-string.  I was lost in one of those I wish I was good at music reveries.  But I’m not.  Sometimes the music is in my head, but I cannot bring it into the outside.  Sometimes I try to dance or even just to tap my foot, but my movements are embarrassingly wooden and the rhythms they produce are out of sync.  I twitch in an ungainly fashion before giving it up for the hopelessly demeaning ordeal it is. 

On rare occasions I can recall a tune, but usually I couldn’t conjure a mental image of a song I have loved for twenty years and listened to four hundred thousand times.  And don’t ask me to sing it to you even if I do remember it.  How does it go?  I have no idea, but it had this bit in it I like with like a violin going duh-duh-duh.  It was a song by Elbow on the radio this morning.  I had no idea I liked this band, and the song was boring along in the background until the duh-duh-duh bit started and all of a sudden my morning was worth living through; ta-dah!

And then I done a blog about stuff and I done write it all by myself.  And then I done watched more of Mr. Cohen croaking his songs with the band of musicians and the three ladies with the nice singing voices.  And I liked the music so I enjoyed it and tapped my feet and tried to sing the bits where I knew the words, and didn’t sing the bits where I didn’t know the words, but sometimes I hummed and did la-la-lahs.  Mr Leonard Cohen sang the words off of the beats and played with the rhythms so it was sounding different to on the albums and this done make it harder for me to sing along but I tried to anyhow; ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering, there is a crack, a crack in everything... it’s how the light gets in.  And then he did sing Hallelujah which is a very famous song, but I bet I still can’t remember the tune.

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