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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

123: brain injury, 1234, and '..........'

Number 123; the second in a series of consecutively numbered blogs.  The first was number 12 which was about, well very little really and definitely not worth going back to.  In fact 12 was so uninspired I gave it the grand title of “.............”  That was on the 4th of August.  The third in the series will of course be number 1234, which will occur in 1111 days, or 3 years and 15 days, on Sunday 8th December 2013.  I will be 31 pushing 32, and things will be different.

It will be a futurist haven of paid bills and holidays and working from home and initiating profitable creative projects.  But there is one thing that will certainly be the same; I will still be writing this blog... assuming I survive the coming apocalypse in 2012.  You know, the apocalypse that will definitely happen because the Mayan calendar ends then.  It’s unimportant that the Mayans knew almost nothing about the universe compared to what we know today, and that the end of other calendars isn’t often said to foretell the destruction of anything (except perhaps the calendar itself when it is chucked in the bin).

Apocalypse aside and ignoring the chance that I may personally encounter tragedy (such as being hit through the brain by a stray javelin, falling under a bus and being rendered comatose, or succumbing to sudden onset motor neurone disease) I will still be typing away at this unending project.  I will certainly have shelled out for a futurier computing device, and said futury binary interface may respond to me verbally or even mentally.  I could be walking down the street wearing an ocular implant wired into my frontal cortex and just think ‘blog’ and my thoughts are transcribed and posted automatically.  I could wear it in my sleep and keep a record of the dark places I go during the wee small hours.

Well here I go, here I go, here I here I go go.  To sleep. Yo, are you ready for me yet.  Yes I am; I’m ready for sleep.  And in 1111 days I can look back at blog post number 123 and say “the second was number 123 which was about, well very little really and definetly not worth going back to...”  Then I will write a little bit about how number 123 wasn’t up to much.  I’ll follow that up by looking forward to blog post number 12,345, which will occur in 12,222 days from now, or 33 years five months and seven days, on Tuesday 17th May 2044.  I will be 62 and a bit, and things will be different...

It will be a futuristic land of...  thanks to timeanddate.com

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