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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Block Chop 67..............

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-          Kevin Bradshaw’s blog on a bad day

Ha, ha, a little joke for the geeks out there.  Actually I don’t find it funny that I even considered starting a blog post with the placeholder text.  It seems to be symptomatic of disintegrating brain power.  What’s worse than considering using lorem ipsum, is the fact that I actually went ahead with it.  “Ah to hell with it, just print it, the morons out there don’t read this shit anyway,” is what I might say if I was a jaded 1950s whiskey-soaked editor of a local newspaper with a name like The Weekly Shopper, or some such shite.  But I’m not, so I’ll just have to grin and bear it.  Ok, let’s push on.

Today is the day I posted off my little slip of paper to tell the job centre I’m signing off.  As of tomorrow I will no longer be entitled to government hand outs.  Step two is to sort out re-evaluating housing benefit.  I’ve no idea whatsoever how to do that, but don’t tell me, it can’t be too complicated.  It’s on my to-do list.  Also I’ve been informed by a lucky friend of mine about how to claim tax back.  Gotta be worth a shot.

Over the last few days I’ve got re-addicted to last.fm; playing music I don’t usually listen to just to get it scrobbled onto my playlist.  It is the ultimate music geek website.  Not only can I also get recommendations about music I might like, and listen to it, but I can also create a pointlessly exhaustive list of every piece of music I have ever listened to and generate graphs and pie-charts for my own orgiastic nerdfest.  Want to know what percentage of my music listening has been hip hop in the last 3 months?  No, who could possibly want to know that?  But I do; it’s exactly 8.5%.  Just counting this week, hip hop sees an increase to 13.0%.  6.7% progressive metal, 5.7% 80s music, 4.0% Japanese, 3.5% post-punk. 

Inexplicably and unaccountably I have listened to 2.0% post-revolutionary pop.  I literally have no idea what that could be.  Which revolution could that be; Russian, Chinese, American?  At a push I would say that everywhere is post-revolutionary, and so is everything.  I live post-Industrial Revolution, post-Peasant’s Revolution, and post-untold other revolutions - major and minor - back to the dawn of things.  So do you, and so do Shakira and the members of Judas Priest.  So any of them could account for the mysterious post-revolutionary pop.  I’ll sleep on it.

Signing off.

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