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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Block Chop 43: Happy 3rd birthday Jess!

Happy Birthday Jessie Sue!  My cutie little niece is three today J  A doll’s house, a pile of books, a Kipper the Dog DVD, a toy electric guitar and laptop, a bean bag, a space hopper and a scooter are all it takes to keep a three-year old happy these days.  Back in the day I would have got a set of poster paints and some wooden blocks and that would have been enough.  Now Jess has got so many toys in one day that the mania takes over; she runs from one toy to the other unable to settle on this or that for more than a nanosecond.  Flitting from space hopper to bean bag in a confused funk; pick this up, shake it, press a button, throw it down, spin around, fall over, roll onto the bean bag, pop a dolly in its house, jump up, row row row your boat, bounce bounce bounce, the wonderful thing about Tiggers is Tiggers are wonderful things...

Time for bed, you can play with your toys again tomorrow. Pyjamas on and pick a story.  Let’s have Don’t Lose Pigley, Wibbly Pig.  Oh no, Wibbly Pig lost Pigley.  Silly Wibbly Pig; he tied Pigley’s little hand to the string of his balloon, and poor Pigley did floated away.  Quick Wibbly Pig, do a running all over the place and catch-up with the balloon.  Well done Wibbly Pig!  Pigley is safe, but that silly balloon has gone off all by itself, way up high.  Up, up, up into the sky.  (I’m paraphrasing.)

Ok, time to go to sleep now Jessica.  Shall we sing I Can Sing a Rainbow?  Yes let’s!  Red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue.  I can sing... What?  Oh, sorry: Jess can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too...  Pardon?  You want to read Monster’s Inc?  No it’s sleepy-time.  Ok, but just quickly.

The big bad monster scares all the little childrens, because they needs to make the electricity.  Boo!  The big blue one is the best at doing the scares, and the little one-eyed green fellow is his tech support.  The weird centipedey one is very naughty because he is jealous; he wants to be best at doing scares but he is a meanie.  Double boo!

Oh no, one monster has a tiny sock on his back, and in comes the clean-up crew.  But what’s this?  A little girl has sneaked into Monsteropolis.  More boo!  She runs around lots, up and down and all over the place.  All the monsters are scared of her!  What!  But they are monsters and she is a little girl; this is all topsy turvy!  Crazy!

The big blue one calls the little girl Boo, because she likes to say ‘boo’!  He makes her laugh with his big silly face, and all the electricities in Monsterland go bright and sizzly.  I think that laughs are much better than screams.  Do you think that laughs are better than screams?  Yes they most certainly are!  Hurray!

Ok, that’s enough of that.  This book is much longer than it looks.  Say night-night to Wibbly Pig, and Pigley, and Piglet, and Pepper Pig, and the big blue Monsters Inc monster, and the little green Monsters Inc monster.  Night night, Wibbly Pig.  Night night, Pigley.  Night night, Piglet.  Night night, Pepper Pig.  Night night, big blue Monsters Inc monster.  Night night, little green Monsters Inc monster.  Night night, Jessie Pig.  Oink oink.

The End.

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