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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Block Chop 46:

Another rubbish post.

The last couple of days have been a dreadful mixture of random early bouts of sleep, sweating, stressing and job searching.  It’s beyond a joke now.  I’ve applied at HMV, Manchester University, a million faceless pieces of shit telesales cocksuckers.  None of them get back to me.  Even the fucking agency dealing with the great toyshop job fucked up and didn’t get back to me.  I hit a new low when I applied for a 40 hour a week job working in a chill/freeze warehouse, freezing my tits off and starting at 6am every day.  Years ago when I was last looking for work the job centre was happily advertising the position of Beef Boner.  Oh how I laughed; I still have the print out.
Another exciting day to look forward to tomorrow.  Getting up too early, filling out more and more application forms with the constant though spinning around my head, “what’s the point, it’s just another job I won’t hear back from, another wasted hour and another form sent off into the bottomless pit.”
I have a serious and sensible suggestion for a change in the law to ease rising unemployment figures during times of recession.  The government should be allowed to call emergency laws into effect at times like these that make it illegal for anyone to apply for a fulltime job if they are already in fulltime employment.  That way all positions will be filled by unemployed people.  Similarly it will be illegal for companies to hire anyone who is currently working fulltime.  I can’t see a problem, except that some other people will.  But it’s time for you employed people to stop being so damn greedy, and allow others into work.
I need to pay the bills.  Even part time.  In fact part time would be ideal cos it would allow me the time to continue with Tee and You, writing, drawing, studying, etc.  The last extreme fulltime retail job I had (assistant/manager at a crappy stationery shop run by a so-called Dragon) was a mind-wrecking waste of time.  Every spare moment was spent hating my job, which didn’t allow for much relaxation or creativity.  Perhaps I will never be satisfied.  Pissed off at this and wound up by that, angry at work and lack of work.  Moaning moaning, more fucking moaning.
I promise to anyone left still reading this crap that I will return to the (briefly existing) days when this blog was mildly witty and maybe worth reading.  I will write when not bored of subsisting and when not so tired that all I want to do is sleep.  If I hadn’t promised myself to write this I wouldn’t be doing it; but a promise is a promise, and dis discipline may yet keep me sane.  Over.  

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