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Monday, September 13, 2010

Block Chop 52:

Well, it was 9/11 yesterday.  Yes that’s right; the 9th of November.  Yesterday in 1620 the Pilgrim Fathers anchored Mayflower in the New World.  The Meiji Restoration began in Japan in 1867; Imperial rule returned as the Tokugawa shogunate were defeated.  Jack the Ripper kills his last known victim on the ninth of November, 1888.

09/11/1967: NASA launches Apollo 4 and Rolling Stone magazine releases its first issue. 
09/11/1997, and Vince McMahon betrays Brett ‘Hitman’ Hart; the so-called Montreal Screwjob.
These are the events we are remembering today on 9/11, the ninth of November.

Of course I am joking; today is actually the one day we show solidarity with our American cousins by adopting their backwards month/day numbering designation.  So 9/11 bizarrely becomes the 11th of September.  Ho ho, those crazy foreigners; so similar, but so different!

Flippant, watashi?  No, I’m being satirical... or something.  I think I am attempting to be funny; yes, that’s it.  I’m attempting to avoid the horror of nine years ago yesterday by being silly.  Actually that’s not entirely correct.  If truth be told I had completely failed to notice the significance.

Yesterday was a hung over morning and a drunken evening arguing the toss about science and religion and watching the shockingly unfunny film Big Money Rustlas.  I spent the majority of a lazy Sunday afternoon reading articles on the Vanity Fair website, while my girlfriend watched endless episodes of My Sweet 16 on channel Viva.  Clearly a weekend well spent.

Pastor whatever-his-name-is from the good ol’ U S of A apparently gave up on his stupid book-burning idea.  You can all thank me one at a time.  He obviously read my blog from a few days ago, or at least word got to him.  I entertain the idea that he might not actually be able to read and so a slightly more evolved acquaintance enlightened him.

With any luck that will be the last time his funny moustached face ever disgraces our news channels and column inches.  I’m already forgetting who he is or why he bothered us... What am I talking about?

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