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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Block Chop 64?:

In the last two days I’ve been offered the position of Fiction Editor for Blank Pages (more about that when there is more to report), got a part time job in an awesome Jungle Gym-type thing, and been accepted into an elite group on last.fm called ‘We Are Music Nerds’.  All these achievements make me feel nicely included after months of firing off applications into the choking darkness of mass-unemployment.  The benefits of all will emerge at different times.  From Blank Pages they will come as my work is seen in the magazine, and I make contributions towards building the readership and discovering new writing talent.  From the part time job they will come as numbers in my bank account, and from ‘We are Music Nerds’ the benefits come immediately.  Straight away I can join in conversations about obscure hip hop, the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, prog rock and the difference between nerds and snobs.  Instant gratification!  I can also view the thread where I was voted as a member with eight yes’ to three no’s.  The result being a renewed excitement in listening to music for the fun of hearing something fresh to my ears, as opposed to the same few favourites.  Already I’ve listened to a good selection of Animals As Leaders, Matmos, Frank Sidebottom, Jerry Lee Lewis, and I’ve finally got around to listening to Red Queen Takes Gryphon Three by Gryphon (Graham the Gray-Lord will be pleased!).
Accepted into three groups in one week makes me feel a little uplifted, as though there may be a chance to be welcomed into the arms and pockets of the BBC or ITV or one of the other big-time employees I’ve set my sights on.  I’m not suggesting I have the ability to sense tenuous causal links between current and future events, but if I was it would be a lie.
I’m going to keep this blog super-mega-minter-short as this laptop is spazzing, my shoulder is killing me for some reason, and it’s late as.  Tomorrow will be a good day in this blog.  I have nothing prepared but if I say it’s going to be a good one, it’ll have to be.  See you tomorrow.  Nightnightt.

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