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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Block Chop 55:

Hello, and welcome to the show; tonight we got some excitement for you... We’ve got Canadian bouncing bogeys and awesome flying iguanodons; ecstatic elastic electric eels and exploding and corroding kangaroos.  Step right up, step right up, for the greatest show this side of Zanzibar and that side of Ecuador.  Roll up, roll up; get your ticket, only two bits of silver.
Hear the magic men expounding the virtues of the extraordinary supercilious super-special sword-slinging Sylvester the Strange.  Feast your ears and gather your eyes.  Pour your senses over a steaming hot mound of mystery. Mount up and ride alongside the king of kings, the archduke of ...
I’m just going to have a little nap.  Ride the sleepy train to blah blah...
Too tired to finish this.  I had to write a description of my favourite fictional character for a application for a potential job.  I asked on facebook for suggestions and got loads of great answers.  However they all came too late, and I had to run with my own idea.  Perhaps not my favourite, but a great one none the less.  Here is what I wrote (I had a very limited word count, and other questions lead the direction I went in):

There are so many compelling characters.  Michael Corleone in the Godfather goes on an exciting and disturbing journey from young husband embarrassed by his family, to vengeful and protective son, to Richard III steeped in blood.  The masked vigilantes from The Watchmen graphic novel all have well constructed back stories, and even their most outlandish and insane acts seem consistent with their own internal logic.  Sarah Connor from the first two Terminator films is a young carefree woman who suddenly becomes aware of her own impending motherhood, and against exceptionally tough circumstances rises to the challenge of raising her son.

Choosing a single character I would have to go for Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series.  He is an extremely complex character and it is often hard to tell where his allegiances lie; with Dumbledore or Voldemort.  Often Dumbledore’s faith in him seems like fallibility, especially when Snape appears to murder him.  The depth of his character is revealed over time, such as his dislike for Harry stemming from being bullied by Harry’s father, and his eventual loyalty being due to his lifelong love for Harry’s mother.  He is a tragic yet heroic Judas-like figure living out his fate; playing his part in the martyrdom of Harry for the benefit of all mankind.  Eventually it is Snape who is martyred, and his redemption comes after death.  Only then is it revealed which side he was on, and the terrible risk he lived under whilst spying on Voldemort.
Furthermore his portrayal onscreen is exceptional.  Alan Rickman has made the character his own, with his careful pronunciation, sneering remarks, and his condescending glances.  The character and the actor who plays him will forever be linked, making him seem even more alive than he appears on the page.

Call back tomorrow for less of a cop-out blog. Night.

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