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Monday, February 27, 2012

529: Me, My Meme & I

If I was the pope, with untold wealth and influence, the ears of world leaders (not literally, like in a bag or something), an undeserved place at the United Nations, loyal followers on every continent including Antarctica (...penguins), a beautiful dress and gorgeous hat, and the default respect of the religious and irreligious alike, I would totes use my awesome powers to subvert state, sovereign and international law to protect child rapists from prosecution lol tht wld rok (^o^)

If I was Secretary of State for Health, like Andrew Lansley or some shit, I would totes use my position to dismantle one of the UK's finest, most valuable and revered institutions. Give me a National Health Service -one which since the 1940s has been offering services provided free at the point of use, financed from central taxation, and to all who need them (even temporary residents and visitors)- and I'll give you a business opportunity, wicked yeah? I'll privatise the shit out of that bitch. (^_-)-☆

If I was like god or whatever I would be so totally vague as to be meaningless to all but they most pious, or the most confused between depth and non-specificity. I would totes be all over the place and try and to make it seem intentional by claiming to be all things to all people, or some shit. I would be like the most awesomest god since Jehovah, challenge accepted! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

If I were half the writer I could be I would be a hundred times better than the writer I am, and stuff that I have written would be pretty good and maybe better, instead of this dumb shit. ^_^;

Here, have a meme:

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