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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

465: November nearly over

Every time I hear this song by Katy Perry it makes me think of this song by G.G. Allin. Perhaps we should introduce Katy and GG so they can satisfy their disgusting fantasies together. Perhaps if GG wasn't dead... and a filthy excuse for a human being... Anyway, forget I mentioned it; it was just a reoccurring thought I needed to get out of my system.

We are nearing the end of the month, and that means the end of National Novel Writing Month. I am ashamed to say I have failed abysmally. In the first week I got a huge amount done – leaps forward in terms of word count and general development of plot and character. The second week I was exhausted and feeling burned out – not only did I stop working on the novel, I also neglected the blog. The third and fourth weeks I have become excited about writing again, but have been concentrating on research and note taking, with a bit of time spent on actual writing. I have also tried to catch up with blogging again but am still limping a little behind.

These last couple of days I have been obsessed with following and taking a small part in this Burzynski cancer quack blog war. It's very exciting to see how quickly it has snowballed, and people whom I have great respect for have taken up the cause on twitter: Stephen Fry (@), PZ Myers (@), Simon Singh (@), Dara O Briain (@), and Ben Goldacre (@). I think it very important to stand up in support of a cause like this and, to use the cliche, say 'I'm Spartacus' even if I'm not really. Very excited to see how this develops. And amused by the random string of coincidences that drew this burgeoning mini-revolution to my attention.

Lately the dry and dusty conditions of my day job have lead to really badly cracked skin on my hands, and as a result I enjoyed an exfoliating and moisturising hand massage, using hemp hand cream, and gifted to me by my wonderful fiancee. Tomorrow we will go to the cinema and perhaps Yo! Sushi. Stike that: definitely go to Yo! Sushi. Yo God, I love Yo! Sushi. So instead of churning out the seven blog posts that'll put that important "(30)" beside the month of November in my Blog Archive, I'll be out enjoying myself. Sometimes when I'm writing I forget about life. Unless I'm actually writing about my life, which I find embarrassing and try not to do. Plus it's boring. If I was an explorer of the ruined Antarctic city of the Elder Ones, or the latest drummer in Judas Priest, I might write about my comings, goings, and doings a little more often.

Had a really good idea for a novel, or long short-story, today. It's safely recorded in my notebook; I'm glad I started taking that to work with me. Don't worry, I'll finish the first novel before I start on the third.


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