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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

457: trapped in comics

Adam went on a business trip. After a week longer walk Eve in the garden all horny and thinking, who would it be able to satisfy both. In the mammoth and he launch sees to nemu. Mamut the scare, will begin to run and crash into the abyss.After running around the baboon. Eva after clawing, but the baboon jumps on the tree,and Eve will remain only a handful of hair from paviánovej cluster fuck. Again nothing...Goes on around the river and finally gets the right idea: jump into water, then picks up the fish and take it with her.And what then?As the mammoth died out - we know.Why are baboons bare ass - I know.But as before voňali fish - We will never know...
-Joke told in Slovak, as translated by google

Hilarious, eh? That's now my favourite ever joke. Even funnier than "Knock, Knock" "Who's there?" "Interrupting cow" "Interru-" "MOOO!" I like the bit with the paviánovej cluster fuck. That was really funny. I don't get it, but it sort of looks funny if you squint a bit and ingest some magic mushrooms. Then- HAHAHAH look at the curtains HAHAHAHA.

I just yawned and leaned back and caught sight of an old book on the shelf behind me. Its a pulp paperback of Spy vs Spy: The All New Mad Secret File on Spy vs Spy, by Prohias. It's an American thing: perhaps you've heard of it. I only knew it as a difficult and weird, but fun, Sega Master System game from a great many years ago, and didn't know it was an old comic until I found this book, wherever and whenever I originally found it. I loved it because each image takes up an entire page and there is no dialogue at all.

It reminds me of other similarly Beckettian comics – like Krazy Kat and Ignatz (Krazy loves Ignatz Mouse, but every strip ends with Ignatz hurling a brick at Krazy, and Krazy interpretting the assualt as an act of love), Drunken Bakers (two hopelessly alcoholic bakers spiral never-endingly down into perfunctory and inevitable self-destruction), Eight Ace (another Viz alcoholic: is always entrusted with £1.49 for some vital purchase, but always spends it on eight cans of Ace lager). In fact most comics/cartoons have a certain amount of repetition indicating capture within a hopeless never-ending cycle. From Simpsons, to the Beano, to Tom & Jerry, this is everywhere. Why are they called comics when they are so sad? Maybe the writers can only come up with one punchline and must recycle it forever.... that's pretty sad too.

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Andy said...

Came here after following Burzynski links and found that Slovak joke.

Made my night. Thanks.

Kevin Bradshaw said...

You're very welcome :)