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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

459: a bit of writing and some pictures of people

There was a problem saying the word 'cauliflower'. It kept coming out as 'California': Caulifornia, Califlornia, California cheese. It was a stuttering-stammering loop of messy California cheese. Still, it tasted lovely. The problem word was mine, but the cauliflorniower cheese was a joint effort. It accompanied toad in the hole (vaguely following this recipe, but using self-raising flour instead of plain, vegetable oil instead of groundnut, and rosemary along with the salt and pepper; didn't bother with the onion gravy this time); forget California (I'm sorry I mentioned the godforsaken place now), this was good proper English food. Or British; or European; or Homo sapiens.

Last night, after that fantastic feed, I slept like I haven't slept in years. Asleep fast by half-past nine and waking up slowly and ill-feelingly at 6am. Aches, concrete-sinus, headache, and a proclivity to moan and complain, greeted me this morning. I wanted more than anything to stay in bed and melt into sheets in a sleepy shuffling shed of slop and sleep. Never happened; soon I was back on the bus, spreading my germs to the very people I got them from in the first place. One annoying-phone-music-person was listening to some terrifically annoying weird sort-of fast electronic salsa with a highly repetitive hyper-horn line and some tippy-tappy drums. Every time a new identical-to-the-previous song started there were many groans and heads held in hands spreading around the bus. This is the second time in the last few weeks I, and my fellow commuters, have had the hideous misfortune to be on the bus with this horrible idiot with an mp3 phone. Blah.

I have the feeling it is winter now. I wore a scarf this morning. Then I wrote this boring blog post. Then I went to bed; or will do soon. Anyway: snore. Here are some pictures of humans:

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