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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

452: Trout Mask Replica 16-21 | Well to Orange Claw Hammer

Well floating red blood blocks out night life. Shiny bat bug fighting free from shiny carapace. White horse house brings silver hearse to me and my veiny life hollow horror. Swarm the ocean. Hear the click. Sense the silence, silent dreaming scream. Hot sealed custard woollen rolling wooden wheel. Chromium plastic beak-faced bleached haired hollow dustbin basket shadow. Well, well. Well, well, hoi, hoi.

Ha ha trap the tapping top hatted tipple of tent peg Pena laughter – penicillin popping pat cat, whistle Trent River Replica – wobble the soil, liquidification. Hum the housefly harmony and hang the hanged hung head of Harry the hepcat McGregory. Big bad bag bog Joan has big bad hands and a head too small. Born in naked pen topper tragedy on tiny small hands beach. She can't reach. Lent. Ack! Leck! Soy koi soil erosion, feed the pigeons, pass the carp past the car park. Hoi, hoi, change the record sonni, chank thank rank sank. Sad cat bring forcefeed flatulence to the fore. Fight to free four five six sax soprano squeal, rewind forewarned about every even enterprise. Trapped in longest song sweep along the sudden stop.

Click about the rocket and stop the rewind Rocket Morton, been bean lazer lazy beings. Lonesome moaning home alone, too bad, top cat. Stole my can, kept my bank against me. Fought in the ditch and fell up tea tree, haven't got to take my time, hadden gotten taken time. Fallen calamity talkin' turkey. Sweeten and beaten and poked and spiked. Spoken to in harsh terms. Treated to a monotony of diversity. Taken about a trance; taught to take away expected aural afterthoughts. Don't do time to punch a grown man. King bling, blank drachma, got mah honey bee, fly to Mars, Mrs Ray Hooker. John Lee Drummer, boy I gotta stoppa hippa potta. Bark weasel bark.

Hwa, bwa, lwa, bwa; Hwa twa twa bwee, fat man see, ampan man, be man can can. How do you do this, why set us free, hurt hurt hu-hurt man hurt bee, antennae truck stop honey boik tsah tsah tash-tah. Goose steppen on lawn, goose steppin til dawn, drawn along with a million march, taught to take for granted all those obvious bigotries, goose gackle, goose tsah-tsah – Understanding eye contact; open sourcing egg omelette – stamping goose egg tramping goose grass, tampering with golden glass, enamoured with electric eye glass.

Paper papper, pepper pot, pull leggy horse hobo trap top. Filth pig, slop slap, lapped up letters. Leather lather grey paired up socks. Gingham watch strap happy heat up orange rabbit breast. Claw hammer, band bang bummer watter, slap around with roundhouse pole popper. Send samples of semen, says Simon. Dimple pumpernickel, kick a klacker, nick a knicker, forcefeed father's left right leg – pirate moustache trained to bring bananas back on trireme. Try and try again and burn house roundhouse down.

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