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Friday, February 18, 2011

Frank Sidebottom illustration & comics from 'Oink!'

I've decided to post this amazing wealth of Frank Sidebottom scans from the defunct 80's comic Oink!.  I downloaded them off demonoid where credit for uploading them goes to stylofone, and credit for drawing them goes of course to the late and oh so great Frank Sidebottom (and Little Frank, you know it does, it really does).

These drawings are so great I thought it important they show up in google image searches and not just as an obscure torrent on a troubled file-sharing site.  Last year I uploaded some Ernst Haeckel images and that consistently gets the best stats of all my posts.  I'm currently obsessed with Beethoven and Frank Sidebottom, but to the best of my knowledge Beethoven didn't do any amusing drawings in the 1980s.

I could neatly organise them into separate issues and categories or whatever, but instead I'll just whack them all on here en masse to save the effort.  As long as they are sitting there peacefully and permanently on the internet then my job is done.

Click on the images to see them massively; perhaps so massively they don't fit on your teeny tiny screen.  And buy Frank Sidebottom's Fantastic Show Biz Box Set; it's too good for words (thanks mum for getting it me for xmas).

I tried to hide the rest of them under a jump-break here, but it doesn't want to work; so prepare for a Frank visual overload.

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Anonymous said...

Fantastic drawings.