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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

216: Blogger or WordPress; MySpace, now even worse!

I’m toying with the idea of moving the blog over from Blogger to WordPress.  Let’s take a look at the two and see what the best course of action is.  There are plenty of comparisons out there written by people with varying degrees of knowing-what-they-are-talking-about, and the general consensus seems to be a preference toward WordPress.  I have no experience of WordPress but am lead to believe I could modify the entire look of a blog using my own illustrations and handwritten links and tabs.  Also apparently Blogger only stores 1 gig of pictures, but WordPress can take 3 gig of pictures as well as docs and pdfs.  I’ve collected together links to a few comparative articles:

At the moment I’m comfortable here on Blogger (or BlogSpot as I always want to call it).  A lot of Blogger’s knockers seem to be slipping into anti-Google anti-globalisation worries about privacy issues (which I think is missing the point, whatever that may be).  And in actual fact there really isn’t much difference between the two.  I imagine one day I may swap over but it’s likely to be based on a whim rather than real practical need, like when you get the sudden desire to move all the furniture around in a room.

I could do without spreading myself even thinner online than I already am.  A few years ago I had a Bebo account which has long been deleted.  Next to go I think should be my MySpace account.  I never use it, but thought it OK as a sort of makeshift portfolio; now it is even slipping in usefulness for that as they have messed with the format ruining my carefully laid out design.  Despite the fact that nobody ever uses MySpace anymore (now bizarrely styling itself as My_____) Alexa amazingly ranks it as being the 67th most popular website in the world.  I have no idea how this is possible unless that is all generated by fraudsters and unsigned bands spamming each other.  I also have photobucket and twitter accounts that I never use.  This is too much clutter and one of these days something needs to go.

an exciting scene, yesterday
Speaking of something needing to go, yesterday’s haircut was a resounding success.  I have morphed from a scruffy pleb into a handsome young chap in the time it took to make awkward small-talk with the lady with the scissors.  While I was having the snip (so to speak) a window cleaner came in and started telling the staff about his sore thighs.  Then he whipped out some bootleg DVDs and CDs, and a CD with old photos of Moss Side on it.  He managed to punt a few of these to the girl who washes hair and sweeps the floor.  Then he borrowed a stool and went outside to clean the windows.  He wobbled and tottered dangerously on the unstable stool as he over-reached to the top corners, but didn’t topple.

Had a couple of hints and tips from concerned citizens.
Matthew from Refute.me.uk says:
I'd go wordpress - loads of features. Thought about getting a separate domain name? You can get email hooked up to it. Probably good for portfolios and stuff too.
Mr Ralph from Bab Kubwa says: 
Don't bother with wordpress.com - you need to go self hosted with your own domain. Then you can customise as much as you like and take advantage of all kinds of clever plug-ins:

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