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Thursday, February 03, 2011

196: queuing and crashing

So, we joined the back of the queue for the cinema at about ten to eight.  We shuffled forward a few inches or so every few minutes.  The eight o’clock showing came and went, and we continued shuffling forward for the ten to nine showing.  Eventually, more than half an hour after joining the queue, we were almost at the front.  Only one couple stood between us and the counter.  Then I hear the tap-tap of someone testing a microphone, and a voice comes over the PA: “This is a customer announcement; all today’s showings of The Black Swan are now sold out, The Black Swan is now sold out.  Thank you.”  Fucking Orange Wednesdays.

Last time I blogged about the cinema I was talking about the most recent Harry Potter film, but I also got a dig in at the Vue in Lancaster.  It has really bright fire escape lights, and keeps the houselights semi-illuminated making it impossible to get lost in the film.  But at least they have the good sense to show the number of tickets available for each showing on the screens behind the counter.  Cineworld could have saved me, and many others, an evening spent looking for a parking space and standing in an enclosed space surrounded by over-perfumed teenagers making me sneeze.  Stupid Cineworld.

Our little date will have to be postponed until next week, when us poor little scratters can take full advantage of Orange 2-4-1 cinema tickets.  Stay tuned for next week’s rave review or harsh criticism of The Black Swan.  It’s very very rare that there is ever a film that I want to go and watch.  The cost is ridiculous and I still think of cinemas as been baking hot boxes, with rock hard seats, no leg room and terrible quality sound.  I forget they are now luxurious and spacious.  Still, most films are shit.  There is a certain kind of person (I know a few) who like to say ‘I love Disney’.  When they say that they mean (I hope) that they love Alice in Wonderland, Robin Hood, Aladdin and Finding Nemo.  If that was all Disney was then fine; great.  These people are forgetting that Disney is much more (and much less) than this.  Disney is also Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and countless straight-to-video sequels and crap like.....

That previous paragraph originally continued along the same vein for another hundred or so words, but the blue screen of death returned erasing my words from history.  I could try and remember what I wrote, but what would be the point.  It obviously wasn’t meant to be and it doesn’t make a difference either way.

I’ve done loads of drawing over the last two days, and will stick a picture or two on here tomorrow.  Night night.

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