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Monday, February 07, 2011

199: geek code, and more time wasting

Eee by gum; what should I write about?  Don’t really fancy going through lists of ‘things to do before you hit 30’ stuff, and declaring what I have and haven’t done, and what I could or couldn’t do.  It’s not that I don’t think it might be fun, or that adding a few more strings to my bow isn’t a good idea; it’s more that it’s late and even the thought of imagining adventures and sexual escapades makes me want to run for the slippers, and pop a tea cosy on the pot.  The internet has many of these lists.  One of them is here at geeks.co.uk (no, I’ve never heard of it either, and it’s not as good as it sounds).  Top of their list is to have “worked out your Geek Code and use it somewhere, blogs [...] etc”.  I’ve never heard of a Geek Code, and it is indeed a thoroughly pointless way of spending five minutes, but if I have to do it before I hit 30 then do it I must:

Version: 3.1
GFA/L>S d-(++) s--:-- a- C++ U/P/L/E? W++ U/o/K? w 0? M- V?
PS++ PE Y+ PGP? t+ 5? X+ R-- tv+ b+++ DI? D+ G e++ h- r++ z+

Ok, one down.  How many more to do?  But I said right at the start of today’s blog that I wasn’t in the mood for ‘...before you’re 30’ lists, and here I’ve gone ahead and babbled on about them.  But while I’m at it, here is another list; I think I’ve done 11 out of 50.  Some perspective might be gained from the fact I had done 12 (possibly 13) out of 30 on the geek list.  Anyway, let’s forget all these stupid lists.  If I need a list (I don’t need lists, but I do like them an awful lot) I should do my own.  Probably counts as a slightly more productive way to spend five minutes than working out your Geek Code.  Fucking hell, geek code; what the hell was I thinking?  At least I won’t have to do that again... unless any of the variables change, and I need to update it...

I wonder if there is any chance I might make it into space at some point over the next year.  Obviously it usually requires a lot of hard work, intelligence, dedication and training, but most of these ‘list’ things are the sort of thing you might accidentally achieve on a drunken night out.  So there is a chance I might pass out after 28 shots of whiskey and wake up on the International Space Station.  And besides; I really, really, really want to do it, and it’s not fair, so please, please, please.  Etcetera.

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