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Monday, August 30, 2010

What has happened to North West Style Collective?

It was an exciting new "blog about all things arty/stylish/music related/etc, fresh from the style incubator that is the glorious N-West" according to it's twitter account.  It had an active and interesting website with exciting articles (including one about me), and a healthy (for a new venture) 212 followers on twitter.

Moments ago I followed a link on my facebook back to the website only to discover the blog has been deleted. More searching has revealed the twitter account has also been deleted.  A concerned email to the editor (who only six days ago was sending me regular emails with regard to an album review I was doing) was returned by Mailer-Daemon; the email account is closed too.

What on earth is going on here?  It almost feels like an extravagant practical joke!  Why start this whole thing up, get loads of people interested and actively involved, and then suddenly and with no prior warning, delete everything?  Who is the mysterious editor Laura@NWSC, and where has she gone?  The website may have looked plain, but there seemed to be great plans for the future, and lots of activity up until Wednesday.

Thanks to google cache I have salvaged a couple of screen grabs, preserved for prosperity (god I am such a geek!).  Click on the images to view larger.

My own positive write up (how I will miss you):
The North West Style Collective home page at Word Press, last cached on Tursday 26th August 2010:
The @NWSCollective twitter page, lasted cached on Wednesday 25th August 2010:
Any ideas or information about what has happened?

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