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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Block Chop 27, Homeopath application continues

I had a lot of fun applying for that homeopathy job the other day, but was concerned my application might get lost under the barrage of other similar applications.  Since posting my blog about it yesterday I have been sent links to forums discussing it, humanist and sceptic groups up in arms about it, other bloggers having a pop, and twitters and tweets all over the twitty tweety place.  The NHS Tayside recruitment office may need to hire a Specialist Doctor in charge of Specialist Doctor in Homeopathy Applications.  And lay off a few hundred more dedicated staff to pay for it.

Concerned as I was with showing my interest in the job I dropped them another email today (breaking the 3-day rule; I hope I don’t come across as desperate).

Dear Sir/Madam,

RE: Specialist Doctor in Homeopathy

I recently applied for the above position however I am concerned that I may have got my application in late.  Also I understand that there is a lot of interest in the role; even the media has paid attention (herehere).  Competition is stiff, but as I can see NHS Tayside is a forward thinking Trust (verging on avant garde), I would like to pre-empt your next move and express my interest in the following positions:

Specialist Doctor in Yoga and Tai Chi
Community Dispensary of a Cup of Tea and a Chat
Witch Doctor
Midwife of Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds
Fanny Doctor
Hospital Chaplain
Pastry Chef

While I am aware that these positions are not currently available, I ask that you contact me when they do inevitably become available.  I understand the value of offering choice to the public, and understand that choice should be misinterpreted to include faith healing, untrialled medicines, sugar pills, holidays, etc.  I share your view that patients on the NHS should not be limited to reasonable choices pertaining to time, location and the treatment/side-effect toss-up.

I also share your view that doctors should be allowed to continue making medical claims without evidence of efficacy.  We are united in our vague feeling that the British Medical Association (here) and the Commons Science and Technology Committee must be wrong in their condemnations of NHS funded homeopathy.

The Science and Technology Committee claims that offering homeopathy is against informed patient choice because the pills are merely placebo and any further claims of their efficacy are deception.  I disagree; homeopathy is more than placebo.  It is magic.

Kind Regards,

“Dr.” Kevin Bradshaw

Just as I sent off my email, I heard letter-box flappage... followed by droppage.  Anyway, it was post.  And damned if I wasn’t surprised to see an application pack from NHS Tayside.  Apparently they are still accepting applications, but no longer want the standard application form.  I can only assume they must have been impressed by my application, and want to progress me to the next stage.  They even called me Doctor!

They require 4 copies of my CV, which I will fabricate and fantasise later today.  Closing date is 6th September, so it turns out my application wasn't in late.  Also they require 3 referees.  Contact me if you want to be a reference. 

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