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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Block Chop 12: ............

Putting together some screens for printing.  I’m going to do a range of t-shirts featuring images of crazy looking rappers: Big Pun, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Slick Rick.  These will be based on sketches I have done of them.  Today I am working on the Big Pun one.  I did a sketch of him, based on the portrait from the Capital Punishment album cover, which proved popular when posted on facebook.  My hip hop crew buddies and pals, the boys of Tactical Thinking seemed to enjoy Big Pun’s fat lumpy face.

Later this evening I have a meeting about next month’s issue of Blank Pages.  I will be doing another stint as guest illustrator.  This will most likely be the last time, as Henry (illustration/design), who works alongside Michael (also illustration/design) will be returning from his Far East adventure.  Right now he might be exploring the ruins of Ankor Wat, or the fish markets of Seoul.  It could be either of those things or anything in between.  I have no idea where he is.

I’ll have to generate a few more illustrations to accompany the poems and short stories chosen for the new issue.  I also agreed to illustrate a short story called Peanut by none other than Gary Bradshaw, my dad.  The intent is to put my pictures and Gary’s words together into a small book, printed and bound, to give to family and friends for xmas presents.

Just been doing some screen-printing with Ned for the Bab Kubwa range on Tee and You.  Ned getting his art and craft on. Gotta love him. Lol.


Now it’s very late, and I’m drunk and tired...

This evening was the Blank Pages editorial meeting; my second one, and infinitely more enjoyable than the last one.  Much less hostility and drama, and much more creative discussion.

I’m exhausted, and I haven’t a single thought in my head.  Please stop reading; this is not for you.  This is a purely selfish activity.  If only I had already chosen a subject I might be able to write on auto-pilot.  Back to the meeting... it was good to meet John, Michael and Mark again, plus the new team.  I pitched an idea for a feature about the Greenroom’s Emergency festival focusing on the performers.  We drank wine.  From large glasses.

Right, executive decision.  This is shit.  I am too tired and it’s too late.  Night.

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