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Saturday, October 29, 2011

437: Europe and the United Federation of Planets

Just because the Euro zone is in monetary crisis (as it seems, is everywhere else) is no reason for terrified and confused jerk reactions of quick, let's get out of the European Union, we need a referendum. Apparently the countries of Europe have never been in such danger, disagreement, turmoil, etc (don't mention the war... it seems not to count...), and the Eurosceptics and xenophobes that comprise corners of the Conservative party (freaky fringe parties like UKIP and BNP, and vicious post-football firms like EDL) seem eager to use and abuse the financial uncertainty to kick-start a period of National Isolationism to rival sakoku of Japan's Edo period.

To be clear, if we were to have a referendum on the United Kingdom's European Union membership, it would be indicative of faddism, weak-thinking, and fear in the Houses of Parliament. If the British public were to vote in favour of leaving the EU, this would be disgusting and terrifying beyond belief; for once stories of the decline of Britain would be true. International co-operation and unity is one of the strongest signs of progress we have. Look at the world of Star Trek; the United Federation of Planets is a socialist utopia where all are equal and free to strive for self-improvement in a world free from economic struggle. They didn't build that world and that union by jumping ship at the first sign of trouble. Back in the real world and the European Union is facing a major challenge; one that needs to be overcome, and can be overcome given time, and the collected efforts of its member states, of which I am proud to be a resident of one.

On a personal note, I worry about the legal status of friends, neighbours and work colleagues from across Europe who have chosen to make Great Britain their home, as is their right as citizens of the European Union. If Tory back-benchers and who-ever are successful in their petulant fits to stir up anti-EU sentiment, what will this do to the rights of EU-citizens living here? If we left the EU what would happen then? I have no idea, but imagine I hear the tolling bells of ominous portent (whatever they are, Mr. Pretentious). What about you, yes you; the man (or woman) who wants to retire to Spain, buy a holiday home in France or open a business in Czech Republic? Fancy having to apply for a visa every time you want to pop through the Channel Tunnel, or across the border from Norn Iron to the southern Republic? That might not happen, but it could you know; so be afraid of this thing that I've just made up. Point is, it's not much fun. Imagine how lonely and stupid we would feel, sitting here just North West of this great Union; once part of it, but now separate, silent, petty, reactionary, and ignored.

Ignore UKIP, and that EU flag-burning old hag tunelessly atoning Rule Britannia on the news reel, and look to the UFP for guidance. Unity not isolation! (I am getting married after all.)

Let's not even dwell on the unsettling thought that a referendum might find the British public voting us out of the EU. I sincerely hope people aren't that reactionary, but I have no evidence either way. Anyway, looks like there won't be a referendum just yet... fingers crossed for a United future.  I am an unashamed Europhile, out and proud.  While I'm at it, I hope I claim to allophila also.  Here it is on a scale, from prejudice to tolerance to allophilia; nice isn't it?  Bloody, bleeding-heart, PC liberal.

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