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Saturday, October 29, 2011

435: Trout Mask Replica songs eight to fifteen

Clink clang clankg clink surf swing, saw see squark, veteran's day poppy, mock-up analogue modem talk from a toaster pop. Twee distort resort apple core hide behind the bins and shoot craps with rats. Time lapse fade out to changing hatscan, pocket cymbal tat-a-tat bish, tinny guitar melodies that might bug other people, hollow wooden tent pegs that might make shrug hare drought send back the catalogue, stuck in rut a lot of daft September sounds. Force the course of a sort of hiding horse, stop, second silence, quiet quietly the light played down on her smiling twisted hideous backward beautiful natural magic, oregano colours all on screaming madam dreaming done doing. Goldfish children planes bleached variously in sentences of structure opaque shamefully. It's not the way I like it, that's not the kind of thoughts I'd like to keep.

Raining, winding to the trees that fall forwards, bilateral structure plantlike sweetness dance to the dirge, my lady. Smile to the harmony crow, poke a kiss and see a Fenian baby in a bottle. Pat upon your curling negative knee, skirt of crinoline and feet with brown hard-soled nature backing. A queen on crown in air garden swinging, pat a tatter, pat a rattle, rat a chattering chunderer to the interesting hours. Test the tentacles in octapetals flesh feast of tainted pointed pontoons. Inspect the speckled spectacles of an artificial tented meting out meated meating mucou. Hang an hanged and hanging sounded-out dream serum, truth top out with towering terrible tendrils spread to a splailing hangdog expression.

Sound filter down to lower the definition of similar sounds. I don't wanna kill my china pig, he doesn't have shoes or Essen, so don't even do that. A human baby or piglet picked packed and replaced. A human onion sweat sends signals starting appearance of sorrow glaze. A sweet human flower bowl pick-me-up kill. A slung-low sentinel whistles nicely nightly, attracting gaze of grazing gruffalo. Tug coat tails and three hours later on the floor. A human finger complete set can poke and press and play button, cassette stretch switch and stop. Bang clang sound, mid-Atlantic under a dude's undress under-duress dress; in his human blues life slack with old curly frog hair pyjamas, a toad in pigjamas. Human get hat window furry silver ring.

Afraid of red white all right, alright in his harem doll brigade boy. God ask me my preference, ask him his size and his dog's name. His husband has life blues and hat slander. Up a hard wired razor scale and down against the will of writerly pretence to instrumental tonality and informality, formally arranged, a cut and paste pie. Hurry along with jugged hare and hair pie, bake two, bake you two, you too, you too can yoodle tootle, two minute twenty serious hazard step one step two. Drink drank drink drink drank jank jank jank jank jang, hurt heads against sudden collapse of strained finger line, switch up to sucking silence.


Writing like this is fairly tedious to read, but is a great way of loosening up. Warming up in exactly all the right regions.

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