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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

366: No excuse for this shit; pathetic.

How can we let this lie? Fortunately I'm not at the BBC I'm an angry blogger, so with impunity I can say this to the rioters and looters in London: FUCK YOU YOU PATHETIC SCUMBAG PIECES OF SHIT. I don't know whether to address the concerns that have supposedly caused this (but are obviously just excuses), such as issues with the police and government; or to address the fact that you are theiving, villanous wankers, smashing and grabbing out of greed and stupidity. If any of you really do have any political concerns, I don't give a flying shit. If you have problems with our free, healthy and wealthy society, then you no longer have anything to worry about: We have a system whereby people like you are removed from society. It's called prison. I don't give a shit what you have to say, I just want to see you doing time. The police are not referees; they need to step in an put a stop to this shit. Enough is enough. Someone on twitter put it beautifully: "The Youth of the Middle East rise up for basic freedoms.The Youth of London rise up for a HD ready 42" Plasma TV."

It's not even funny; I cannot have a sense of humour about this. Innocent people are having their lives and livelihoods ruined; a beautiful city, the seat of a great democracy, is burned for no reason; balaclava'ed children are stealing shit. Anyone who tries to blame this on the government or the police needs to get fucking real: we live in relative luxury and riches (even for the poorest) compared to most of the world. Whatever they claim to be rioting for they can still vote, still get free health care, still express themselves freely, still eat healthy food and still drink clean water. There are problems in our country, but nothing serious (don't belive me? Look at China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Somalia – get some fucking perspective) – and nothing that warrents anything like this. Any problems we do have cannot even be brought to the table until these rioters are stopped, and these fires are put out. There is not enough police or fire engines to deal with this; we need to send in the army.

If you are a law abiding decent person, then go home. Leave the streets empty. Stop egging on these cunts, stop taking pictures and stop shouting shit at the police. Go home and let the police get on with their jobs. Standing nearby with your camera phone, yelping 'oh my god' and trying to film a police man hitting someone so you can post it out-of-context online, is not helping – it is making things worse. Rioters of Birmingham and any other city that fancies its chances for some free electronics and trainers; sit down and shut the fuck up – don't jump on this shitty little bandwagon. Scumbags and criminals in any other city; don't get any fucking ideas.

Rioters – you have not taken control; you have not won anything; you have not changed the world, or achieved anything. You deserve to be arrested, tried by a jury of your peers, and sent to prison where you will be refused the right to move about freely, vote, and other privileges you ungratefully take for granted. Some people fight for real, serious, good causes; sometimes they fight by self-sacrifice (like Emily Davison), peaceful protest (Gandhi), or democratic reform (Clement Attlee's Labour Party creating the NHS). Other people just haven't got a fucking clue. I'm too pissed off to properly think about this disgrace.

England Riots: The personal cost, The Guardian

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