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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Hello twitter. I'm getting self-concious about this blog auto-posting to twitter. It sends over a link to each post, a random time after I click publish, with text comprising of the first few words. I can't remember how I set it up, it was so long ago, and I can't be bothered to google it and go to the effort of stopping it happening. It's probably better that it does post to twitter than to not, or is it, I don't know. We managed well enough without twitter for almost all of history, and longer. Blogs too.

People wrote diaries:
Dear Mr. Diary,
This fine morn a wondrous occurrence occurred. When assisting me as I alighted from my carriage, the young gentleman Dr. Jonathan McD'Arcy, took me by the hand and our eyes connected for a moment. I do believe I felt an impurity within my fore-fundament. I embarrass myself with this impropriety in the eyes of the good and pure doctor and I fear I shall blush a most revealing shade of scarlet when next I set eyes upon him. Oh, dearest diary, it gladdens my heart to know how you listen, for if anyone else were to hear of this, mother or father, or heaven forbid, my brothers, the trouble I should bring upon this house would rival the trials of the ill-fated feuding Montagues and Capulets. To suffer the fate of poor Juliet, I just don't know, diary, I just don't know.

That sort of thing. The people of yore, they were at it all the time.

They wrote it in a book and kept it to themselves. And let's face it, that was a much more proper way to conduct oneself, not like now where every thought is turned into a status update, tweet, blog post, YouTube video, or that worst of all form of contemporary express, the YouTube comment. What the fuck are we playing at.


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