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Saturday, October 26, 2013

BBC2's Killer Whales - Beneath the Surface. An incredible fascinating look at the life and habits of the orca. The best bit was right at the end when the credits rolled and I read the following:


So cute. But it would have been nice to have seen a bit of recognition for Steven Snuggles and Sammy Bibble.

Writing that joke was hard work. Not real hard work mind. I just mean working out each word as the sentences formed on the page was like a fight against my brain. A rusty gate I'm too weak to push open. I wouldn't mind, but I'm not even happy with the way it turned out. Clumsy, lumpy, amateur and unfunny.

Dear god.

Tibbles and Niblett.
I think those names are funny names.

And I like killer whales.
Whale killers.

Fuck me, this is like pulling teeth.
See, I even had to resort to cliche.
Pulling teeth, bloody hell.

No squirrel/magpie battles today.

Ooh, but magpies and killer whales are both black and white animals. That is a link, no matter how tenuous, that I could work with. Perhaps I could think of something interesting and/or amusing to say. Maybe there is a specific evolutionary advantage or niche that is filled by having such stark contrasting colouring. And if there is I could read about it somewhere and then repeat that information here, albeit with much less authority or understanding.

Friesian cows.
Cats (black and white ones).

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