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Monday, December 27, 2010

157: a brief bit of personal exposition

I really need a lengthy, lucid, insightful and original post to bring the standards back up, but unfortunately exhaustedly stuffing myself with more booze and delicious food, followed by a stressful surreal game of Trivial Pursuit and my girlfriend-who-is-now-my-fiancée’s mum and sisters’ unintelligible group screaming and giggling, is not great preparation for a session of clear thinking.  In a brief bit of personal exposition, yes I said fiancée; I am now engaged.  In a fit of cheese I proposed on Christmas day, so my fiancée could be amongst her family to celebrate.  So, congratulations to us both, and beware future blog posts may included soppiness, but are most likely to be petty complaining about bridal magazines piling up all around the flat.

I’m tempted to write a list of all my presents received but realise that would be tedious for the reader, self-indulgent and bordering on obsessive compulsive.  All considered I can’t see any reasons not to except for the fact that it would mean crossing half the room to retrieve the bags or exercising my short term memory.  I’m not prepared to do either of these things, so no list today.  I did however get the DVD of Frank Sidebottom’s Fantastic Shed Show which I can’t wait to watch, Isaac Asimov’s complete collection of Robot stories, two cartoon books by Matt Groening, and another volume of H.P. Lovecraft shorts.  Brilliant; I’m in book heaven.

Years back from now confused biographers (writing about their favourite subject: me) will look back on today’s blog post and wonder what the fuck I am doing writing about the books and DVDs I got after skimming so quickly over the revelation of my engagement.  A couple of days ago I quoted Stewart Lee who, when talking about comedy, said the last taboo was trying to do something sincerely and well.  Well, for me perhaps the last taboo is revealing deep personal emotions and feelings to the uncaring world via this outlet.  In rare moments I might drunkenly through an arm over a friend and declare my feelings, but expressions of love have not found their way into this blog as of yet.  (Unless you count my love for Monster’s Inc, Tabasco sauce, 90’s metal, of various comedians...)  The taboo will surely be broken soon, but not today.

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