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Monday, October 18, 2010

Block Chop 87: two vague sketches..

“There are creatures hiding in the darkness, under the beds and behind the curtains.  They lurk in the cracks and crevices, behind all things and under everything else.  You try to look, but by the time you get there they are gone; moved around the corner, forever evading capture.  They used to be like us, but now they are different.  Unspeakable genetic mutations and unknowable morlocks, collecting knowledge and cannibalising scraps of shed skin and discarded fingernail.  They reach to us in the corner of our eyes, and dwell in our bellies digesting our food for us.  We are passive and pathetic eloi, thinking received thoughts and claiming them for ourselves, repeating other people’s jokes, and using literary allusions and quotes instead of formulating our own phrases.  All we can do to keep from crumbling into babbling wibbling placid pools is give in gloriously to the microscopic and monstrous beings behind everything and allow them to prop us up and cocoon us in their residue.  When one of us rears their head alone the mysterious forces behind the unseen ones orchestrate the rest of us in a chorus of petty mocking.  We are slaves to the things unseen; gently persuaded to remain in our prisons.”

“The first human to survive consciously for the rest of measurable time has already been born.  That person will observe everything; all ideas, thoughts, perversions, political stances, dreams and depressions will take root in their mind.  Their thoughts will become their house many times over, but will never become their tomb.  All fashions and fads will fly by in a retrospective blink of an eye, and be perceivable as the thin weak gas they really consist of.  When the rest of us have bodily died off and the solar system is consumed by the expanding sun, the mind of someone alive today will continue to flourish as a self-contained binary program, long liberated from physical storage and able to manipulate leptons, quarks and bosons.  It could have prevented the extinction of Terran life and the death of the sun, but considered it objectively of no benefit to intervene.  It had moved on and thoughts of the end of its former home world provided no distraction from its continued exploration of the universe.  It roams on its automatic mission to go there then and be here now and when where why.  There must be other un-thought thoughts and unseen sights waiting to be observed; it can’t have done it all, so little time has passed...  It seems like only yesterday when it was... it can’t remember yesterday.  When was the last time it had a new thought?  It can’t remember... its energy diffusing... its program complete... its weak and thin as the vacuum of space... weaker so... end of existence.”

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