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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Architecture Party

The Architecture Party. They sat and stood and moved about yar-yarring and clinking and drinking, congratulating each other on their collaborative arrangement of glass and concrete and steel. He peered in through the floor-to-ceiling plate glass window, in his pocket a crumpled drawing of his unbuilt vision for the future of the city's skyline. Their commission won and constructed; his dreams undone, destroyed. “I'll take my Mega Awesome Tree-house Castle elsewhere,” he shouted and walked away.

That was a short story which originally appeared online at Paragraph Planet (May 30th 2013), a fantastic website which features a never-ending daily string of original 75-word stories.

The title was inspired by a hand-written inscription inside the front cover of a second-hand book called Bible Road, Signs of Faith in the American Landscape. It reads, "To Roger & Sue. With thanks for a terrific architecture party! July 2009." 

Are you Roger or Sue, so quick to give away your gift, or the unnamed scribbler? Perhaps you'd like to get in touch with more information about exactly what your 'architecture party' entails. How does it feel to find out in this unlikely and roundabout way that Roger and Sue hated your stupid book of photos of religious signs in America, and couldn't give it to charity quick enough?

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