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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

606: kevin, Kevin, KEVIN

My name is Kevin.

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin.
Kevin, Kevin, Kevin.
Hey Ho, It's The Kevin Eldon Show,
It's the Kevin, Kevin Eldon Show,
It's called It's Kevin.

Every week the It's Kevin title theme is slightly different, changes to the sight gags and what have you, but every week, the day after watching the latest episode I am forced to spend the entire day with 'Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Hey Ho, It's...' etcetera, etc, &c circling round and around inside my head. It's very close to actual laugh-out-loud-and-run-naked-down-the-street mania. At work today I was telling someone about It's Kevin. 'Watch it,' I said, 'It's fantastic.' And then began explaining about the addictive nature of the theme tune and how brilliant/disturbing it is for a fellow Kevin.

A third person joined the conversation at this point having missed the bit about it being a TV show. As I explained how I had this 'Kevin, Kevin, Kevin.' refrain circling in my mind and sang a little snippet this third person began to look suspicious and concerned. It was as if they no longer trusted me and feared I may suddenly leap about the place flinging socks and crushing bananas in my armpits. As though I might suddenly dive forwards and attempt to affix stamps to her recently severed head. 'Erm... was... was this a dream?' she asked. 'No, it's a TV show,' I informed her. The look of relief on her face was stunning: 'Phew, he is not a manic, psychotic, schizophrenic, barmpot,' she thought, but 'Oh, really!' she said. And then she walked away to thank her lucky stars, or whatever.

And then the words in my head change involuntarily:

Hey ho, it's the Jelly Baby Show, it's the Jelly Jelly Baby Show
Hey ho, it's the Sherry Trifle Show, it's the Sherry Sherry Trifle Show
Hey ho, it's a Television Show, it's a Telly Telly Telly Show
Hey ho, it's the Belly Button Show it's the Belly Belly Button Show
Belly, belly, belly.
Belly, belly, belly.
Etcetera, etc, &c.

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