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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

605: (I Get) Grumpy When I'm Hungry

… such as when I wrote that previous post about Thatcher. I obsessing over every petty little detail, going over it in my head on the bus home. I had to find a scrap of paper and scribble bits down, repeating sentiments and sentences, in order to purge my mind. I have been meaning to bring this blog back more regularly, not daily like before, but once or twice a week would be nice. It's good to keep a historical record of one's thoughts and about the wider world. With that in mind I wanted to write something about the old divisions this Thatcher thing has brought back to the surface.

The 1980s I was born into was one which despised Thatcher. Hating Thatcher is the nearest thing I have to a religion. I was raised with it. Early memories of anti-Poll Tax marches, my Ghostbuster-themed Poll Tax Buster t-shirt, chants of “Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, Out, Out, Out.” During the inevitable divided Facebook discussions someone pointed out “It as a long time ago, get over it,” which infuriated me (but I don't think I responded to). At the time the person wrote that I was about to have my tea, I was hungry and thus grumpy. I ate then happily clicked to unfollow the discussion.

And now I'm not hungry I can see the truth behind the point. It was a long time ago and I should get over it. Other people were more, much more, effected by Thatcher's unsympathetic destructive tendencies. Should they get over it too? Yes, eventually. Maybe not now, but as soon as possible. Does the country need to get over her legacy? God, yes. The sooner the better. But being unable to get over past wrongs is the cause of so much hate and continued destruction. My wife is from Northern Ireland and she, along with myself and plenty of other people too, wishes that the people from back home who have wronged and been wronged by their neighbours could just try to get over it. To eventually forgive and forget, the sooner the better. Simple to say; so much less simple to actually do, and understandably so.

The more people force themselves to remember the longer these things go on. The problem is when there are reminders all around you: murals and bombings there; Thatcherism, rampant greed, Tory cunts and New Labour here. Ooops, I dropped the c-word. Maybe I am getting a little hungry. I better go and eat something, or I would if Thatcher hadn't taken all my milk (and cheese), yeah right on!

Earlier I said that hating Thatcher was the nearest thing I had to religion. That seems like a bad thing to me. It's an intellectual effort to get over childhood indoctrination, but one worth doing. It's important to get over accidentally or intentionally imposed prejudices and hatreds. Prejudice is never justified, but sometimes hatred can be. Still it's important not to let single view-points entomb you. That's surely an enemy of growth and progress. Now if I can get over past injustices I can concentrate of building a future, and by that I mean I can calm down a bit, have a cuppa and crack on with a bit of creative writing.

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