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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

602: Did I say a month?

A month became nine.

The last time I posted one of my "daily" blog posts was shortly after my wedding day. My wife and I could have had a baby by now. Still no baby. Still no novel. The novel is more than just a twinkle in my eye. It is a complete idea, approximately 45,000 words of which actually exist outside my head. The baby generally only exists as a feeling of nervous terror which could tip us the wrong side of the poverty line. Baby and book will both exist one day, but neither currently have names.

Here is this:

There are two large black birds in the park visible from the living room window. I'm sat on the sofa listening to Faith No More from my epic Spotify Metal playlist. The black birds might be crows or ravens or just blackbirds, I don't know these things. I'll call them ravens because that just seems to sound more impressive, what with the poem, and the wrestler and the Bela Lugosi film where he plays a hubristic insane doctor who says “I am SANEST MAN WHO EVER LIVED!!”.

So, the Ravens in the park opposite my living room have moved along. They didn't wait for me to write that last paragraph and they have no obligation to allow me to continue observing them. There's some pigeons, will that do? And a penguin coloured dog? Earlier I saw an old man throw two fist-sized objects over a high hedge. They may have been yellow or orange... Now the pigeons have gone too.

A guy called Matt commented on this blog's previous post. His comment inspired this post. Cheers Matt. I saw a squirrel running across the road before. Don't worry it made it. Sometimes I see squirrels in the park playing with the pigeons. Sometimes cute little vignette is visible from where I am sitting right now. On my sofa in the living room. I can't see any squirrels BUT a magpie just ran across the stage. It's gone now... Now there are two more magpies and two yellow dogs. The best yellow dog is Jake from Adventure Time. Jake's voice is Bender's voice.

This blog post is finished now, but I'm going to follow it up with another post, a piece of a story I wrote. It's not finished but it made me laugh, and I'm not doing anything with it at the moment so I might as well throw it into the world: HERE it is, it's called 'My Band'


Sue said...

Just for future reference - blackbirds have orange beaks and ravens have black beaks :)

Kevin Bradshaw said...