... but I stopped. Now I'm a dad, and may blog again...

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

601: GO!

It's like I'm new to blogging, like I've never done it before, tentatively taking my first steps into a world of writing about whatever in the vain hope that someone reads it, while simultaneously hoping no one does. Wanting to write something, and being so self absorbed as to write almost entirely about oneself, but so unconvinced of ones own worth that can't think of anything more tedious than ones own thoughts and activities. God, blogging is boring. I'm unofficially considering myself on a wee bit of a hiatus.

It's times like this when I really ought to be working hard to find my own unique take on the Queen's diamond jubilee or the relay of the Olympic torch, but I honestly couldn't give two flying gibbering jabbering moulting leaping squawking squatting wanking fucks about either of the tedious fucking things. I'm hostile to them both. But neither particularly knowledgeable nor hostile enough to be able to string together coherent rants or arguments. So the easier option is just to act like neither of them are happening. Which is lucky, cos neither of them are happening. They are just a collective delusion, the madness of crowds, the flag-waving of the rank and file, the sycophancy of the enslaved.

Other subjects or recent personal experience any writer worth his salt would be using and abusing for source of copy are the awesome ring I now must wear as a 'keep off' sign to all the billions of the world's women who happen not to be my wife; the experience of delivering a speech and the surprising relaxed ease in which it was done; the weird, fucking weird, experience of being a customer in an Apple store (which could not be more weird, fucking weird, if it were staffed by the suicides manning the desks in Beetlejuice's afterlife bureaucracy); having a massage for the first, and so far only, time. And all the others. Breathing in and out and catching a bus. Oh, and I saw my first Orange marches in Belfast, immediately followed by (in a different part of the city centre, not as part of the same cultural event) capoeiristas, drummers and berimbau players presenting a display of Brazilian music and martial arts.

Stuff to write about, I'm just well wound down and finding it difficult to return to the same level of urgency. …..GO! ….....GO! I'm trying to get myself going, and this fairly pointless post about nothing is my way of encouraging myself.


Anonymous said...

Maintaining the momentum to blog regularly is hard. Keep it going though dude, I enjoy your rants, insights and general ramblings!

Kevin Bradshaw said...

Yeah, I think I might have a month off. At the moment I can barely find the time or energy to write this blog and it's getting in the way of writing fiction.

I'm trying to get a decent amount of fiction written, and will probably start regular blogging again in July.

Thanks for the encouragement; sometimes it's needed!

Matt | DragonDrop.org said...

Hello. I like your words.

I like the inner turmoil you alluded to on 601GO. I've (also) struggled with that balance. Interesting to write about v interesting to read. Introversion v observations.

But - why did you stop? You said some stuff about a book. Hows that going?

I do this think where I nag my bloggy friends that stop to start blogging again. I see that they hit a certain point when they think that to get back into it, they had better have something really special to say. The more time, the bigger the required special.


Just start writing again dude. Do a quick blog off the hip. You know you want to.

Kevin Bradshaw said...

Hi Matt,

You are perfectly correct. I have got myself into a corner - occasionally I have an idea for a blog post but I usually respond in one of two ways. If it's not a great idea I just think 'oh, who cares?', and if it is a good idea I give it to the novel or a short story or some other piece of writing.

I promise to do the occasional surprise blog post, and when I am happy with my novel I'll start blogging again regularly.

I've wanted to write a novel for about eight years but it wasn't until about three years ago I felt it was a realistic ambition. I started the blog simply as writing practice. One day I realised I was still no closer to writing a novel, yet the total word count of the blog was more than two fairly long novels. That gave me pause for thought.

Thanks for the encouragement,