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Friday, July 30, 2010

Block Chop 8:

As if job hunting isn’t hard enough at the moment, My Manchester Jobs have just emailed me a job and the closing date was yesterday.  To add insult to injury, to make the job searching that little bit more soul destroying, it’s a job that I would have actually liked to do (until I got bored of course): Admin assistant at Manchester University Physics department.  It’s in recruitment and student services so not as interesting as it could be, but still the sort of thing I consider worthwhile.  Plus the pay and hours are ok, and the location was amazing.  And I may have been able to help the next Ernst Rutherford or Niels Bohr (where are the famous female physicists who did important historical work in Manchester?).

Fortunately I found a much better job.  Perhaps it’s too good to be true, so at the moment I’m approaching it with caution.  It’s a writing job that, if all goes to plan, should be able to provide me with regular work and pay. Huzzah!  I’ve applied but I’ll keep quiet about it for now in case it all goes arse over tit.
There seems to be quite a lot of writing work out there, for those prepared to whore around a bit, and bold enough to live the life.  Although it sometimes seems like it, not all website content is generated by racists and wikipediaphiles.  There are websites with professional, paid-for content, and agents who provide work for content writers.  Plus any writing work at all is a positive step and a learning experience.  As a writer I have to be prepared to spend all day every day thinking about and practicing writing; to be able to write something authoritative and/or instructive on almost any subject with a moments notice.  There are also apparently areas of non-mainstream publishing that continue to sell extremely well, often better than mainstream bestsellers.  I’m talking about one-handed reading.  You know... erotic fiction.  I’m informed it’s a respectable industry providing saucy romance to middle aged women.  The books occasionally make it into supermarkets and airports, and many top writers started out titillating and teasing under pseudonyms.  Definitely something to think about.  Hmmm, I wonder...

Anyway, I’ve done loads of writing this week, perhaps more than at any previous point in my life.  Now my fingers ache and the tips feel stubbed.  I left writing this blog until the early evening and I’m tired.  I usually write it early in the morning.

I clearly have nothing left to say and, if you haven’t already, I advise you to stop reading now.  I’m just stretching this out to the arbitrary 450 word minimum I set myself.  Boris Johnson is on The One Show.  I might go to the cinema.  Happy weekend all.

I promise you a more interesting read tomorrow.

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