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Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Amelia's Magazine Illustration

Two more of my illustrations have been feature over at Amelia's Magazine :)

Climate9: Stopping Carbon Emissions at Source. So Who are the Real Criminals?

On the 14th June 2010 the Climate9 go to trial for their actions at Aberdeen airport in Scotland last year. Why should we give them our support? Read the article here!
Written by Amelia Wells
Donald Trump is behind the expansion of Aberdeen airport. Illustration by Kevin Bradshaw.
Kevin-Bradshaw-9bn-Aviation-1The tax payers fund aviation to the tune of £9 billion per year. Illustration by Kevin Bradshaw.
Please pop over and read Amelia's fantastic article about the Climate9 protestors, 
then over to Amelia's online zine Throwaway Literature.

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