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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bad Postcards

Inspired by the website Bad Postcards (twitter @BadPostcards) I have decided to upload a few from my collection.

Scenes of Morecambe

They really considered the long term with that Duckula exhibition.

Seaside 'Humour'
This "Follow the Arrow" postcard is so weird - he seems unconcerned with his mortal injury; more bothered about scratching his crotch and bibbling his bottom lip, and she is freakishly deformed, noseless and wonky titted, randomly shouting the word ARROW.
Two more equally badly drawn 'humour' cards:
Oh no!

Northern Ireland

Manages to make a World Heritage Site look like a small collection of blurry rocks.
Is that it, Northern Ireland?  Is that the best you can do?
Come to Portstewart - there's too many cars, a girl with rickets, and the postcards are out of focus.

Cooking Live Animals

(only one postcard in this category unfortunately.)

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