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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Frank Sidebottom Statue Fund - My Drawing for sale on eBay

It's a discovery I just made. Searched on eBay for Frank Sidebottom, as I occasionally do in my hunt for delightful paper ephemera and other assorted tat, and found this:

Frank Sidebottom - great pen drawing FRANKOPHILIA fan art [statue fund]

So, there it is. It's a drawing I did three years ago and posted on this blog. It was done around the time Chris Sievey (i.e. Frank sans Papier-mâché tête) died, either just before or just after. I can't remember when exactly and if only I had kept some sort of easily accessible digital record I could find out exactly when. Sadly I don't know of one. Anyway, I digress, I really do, you know I do.

I was then contacted by the curator of an exhibition called Frankophilia dedicated to Mr. Sidebottom and more specifically to his fans. She had found my blog and wondered if I wouldn't mind donating it to the show. I was happy to obviously. And blah blah, donated to statue fund, blah blah, time time time time, and here we are now. Great isn't it. I mean great that we are here of course. Not that the drawing is great because it is clearly rubbish. Still, you should buy it, if only to donate to the statue fund.

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