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Friday, September 02, 2011

387: Forgetting Keys and Manners

Finish work; leave work; get on bus; doze all the way home in the direct heat of a falling sun; wake up; get off bus; walk home; check pockets for keys; find nothing; walk back to bus stop; get on bus; ride all the way back to work; look in locker room for keys; find nothing, but track them down in lost & found; leave work; get on bus; doze all the way home; make cheesy chips and some of my fiancee's surprise homemade burgers; stuff face; fall asleep; wake up; drink tea; watch Hell's Kitchen USA; drink tea; discover excellent short story competition to add to my list of imminent writing challenges; blog.

That is what I call a plan, and you'll be pleased to know it went of without trouble or strife. The whole exciting adventure of leaving my keys at work and getting two extra bus rides was such a good idea. You think it was a stupid error, but I just fancied a wee bit longer on Stagecoach's finest. The first journey home I sat their in the front seat upstairs - as the low sun travelled straight into my retinas untroubled by my eyelids, listening to the open-mouthed wet chomps from directly behind me and smelled the unmistakable Burger King aroma – and thought I could just travel back and forth all day. (Aside: an adult who eats with their mouth open? In public? An adult?) So, yeah. I did a biggin mistake with my keys and forgettin.

Just ended up waffling on about Newton and Tom Paine for ages (in post 388, which for some reason is up now already). This is because I am currently reading Christopher Hitchens' pamphlet-type book Thomas Paine's Rights of Man from the Books that Shook the World series. It's fantastic. I've read it before, and have a yearning for a fix on reading about freedom/rebellion/writing/history/America, or a combination of some or all of these things. This was the first thing that sprang to mind, and was on the nearest bookshelf to my bed. Convenient.

The formatting is all fucked up in that post. Random sized spacing between one line and the next, changing almost every paragraph. It is one of those makes me want to smash the computer screen with my bloody nose type problems. There seems to be no cause to it and no solution. I can't describe the problem to google, nor do I want to learn how to fix the html. Is the problem in OpenOffice (which is fucking rubbish, by the way. It's no substitute at all for Word.) or Blogger? There is undoubtedly a simple fix, hidden by annoying terminology. It's late and I don't care now. Night night.

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